Current Rotations/LUSH Products

I am big on finding the right products that work for you, even if they are a bit costly. I must admit I was SUPER skeptical when I walked into to a LUSH cosmetics, thinking everyone was just out to sell me products I didn’t need. Boy, was I wrong. I ended up getting a ton of samples (I am all about getting free stuff!) and I was definitely hooked! I started off slow..a shower gel, some dry shampoo and before I knew my whole bathroom was filled with their products.

Now my whole family uses them as well! They have things for Her, Him and the children!

What draws me to the their items is that they are clean and green. I have noticed that after using their line, my skin, hair and everything in between, is different…a VERY GOOD different!

Here are just a FEW items that I snagged during my shopping trip.

Blousey— shampoo

Big— clarifying shampoo

American Cream–conditioner

Charity Pot–light body moisturizer

Sympathy For The Skin–hydrating body moisturizer

Celestial–face moisturizer

Imogen Rose-body spray


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