Current Rotations/Emerson & Oliver

Some time ago I had the pleasure of meeting the talent behind Emerson and Oliver. Recently I had the opportunity to get to know them a bit better and learned that we have a lot in common. Like myself, these two awesome ladies are wives, mothers and entrepreneurs. They balance their life and passions all while in the full swing of life.

What I love about their jewelry is that it is seriously on point when it comes to the current trend. Not to mention– SO reasonably priced! I really enjoy staying on top of the fashion curve, and finding affordable items such as these, make it so much more fun–and way less straining on my wallet!

Here is what ended up making it into my wardrobe and current rotations!

DIA Bracelets– One word…AMAZING! they’re minimal, flexible, and still interesting enough to standout. And although they sometimes can get stretched out, because lets face it: nothing lasts forever with kids, they are so easily replaceable. Especially with their “freshie subscription”. Perfect for this mommy of four!

Bar Necklace РThis little accessory is so perfect on its own or to layer with. Love how delicate and feminine it is but with just the right amount of edge.

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