Meet The Models

I realized that after all this time I have never formally introduced any of my models!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I don’t feel that I am the subject of this blog. The focus is my free expression of art represented in my core style. So I selected a few to help me…


This young lady is one of the people that seriously convinced me to start a blog! I’m so glad she was so committed to helping me bring it to fruition…including letting me borrow her gorgeous face to model!



I’ve known this beauty since she was very young. I actually used to cut her hair while I worked as a stylist. She has blown me away with the magnitude of her unique beauty both inside and out. Truly a special young lady.



This bombshell initially started helping with editing my photos and I quickly realized how talented she would be in front of the camera. She has floored me with her ability to work any outfit that I throw on her! She is amazing!


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