Something Outside The Box..

feather print charcoal

OK! So I’m trying something new that is very much outside my box of comfort, expertise and perhaps even talent! But it just sounds so fun that I just have to try my hand at it.

A very good friend of mine Kerstin, who is extremely talented at sewing and knitting (and basically anything along those lines!) has been trying for YEARS to spark my interest in the craft ..and I think she has finally ignited that passion in me! Kerstin has been very patient with me over the years with some of the “projects” we have tried. Some turned out well and some..well you get the picture.

However this time around we will be sewing something simple. It will be for our daughters as part of a contest giveaway found on the KidsClothesWeek blog. This seasons theme is “Wild Things” which we already found the perfect fabric for me! Right up my alley in the perfect colorway…black, white and gray! This particular print/fabric is designed by Jennifer Sampou  for Robert Kaufman.  Très chic!

Super excited to do something so challenging yet SO rewarding. May even make a matching head band?!

feather print

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  1. by Kerstin on 04/18/2015  7:51 am Reply

    I think this is a perfect extension of your interests and talents! Xoxo

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