Ruffle My Feathers…

In a previous post I shared how I am new to the sewing community and I’ve never really successfully sewn anything. I suppose all it had to take for me to get seriously interested and committed was the right fabric along with the right challenge!

Kids Clothes Week¬†does a competition every season with a theme. This April it’s “Wild Things”. I chose a fabric from Jennifer Sampou’s 2015 collection which represents my core inherent style.. a signature black and white! The patterns is by Oliver & S called Lillaby Layette.


Now I’m not going to lie, sewing this had its challenges. Especially since I don’t know much about sewing, patterns and its terminology. Fortunate for me, I have an amazingly talented (and patient!) friend who walked me through what could have been a very frustrating project. PHEW! I managed to get through it with her help and encouragement!!

Now onto submitting it into the challenge…

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