Missing In Action While Summer Days Drifted Away..

So admittedly, I have been lacking with the blog posts and Instagram updates. In my defense, I’ve had some pretty consuming projects occupying my time. However, during this time away and so called “hiatus”, I’ve had much time to think. Gain some new perspective so to speak. Now, I’m not trying to get philosophical and super deep on this blog (that’s about fashion!) but I must say that some of the lack thereof was slightly intentional.

I love fashion and clothes and all that is involved with it. I love following designers and reading about their latest collaborations. I truly enjoy what I think is an art, the free expression of style and blogging about it. Plus I love the photoshoots and the fun I have with the girls who model. I also look forward to the feedback I was getting…BUT what I didn’t love was  how consuming this was becoming. It quickly began feeling like a job. I started noticing how I was obsessively checking my phone for updates, and how I felt the need to be constantly posting. I realized that all this time spent trying to stay connected with the blog and my followers I was terribly disconnected with those around me. I’m sure we’re all aware of the consuming nature of our smartphones and social media. How it has deteriorated the ability to be close and connect on a more real level. So with that all said, I  decided to give it up for a while and see what I was left with. I took up a few projects and expounded on some of my hidden talents I never knew I had. Soon I began to see that my creativity was being channeled down different avenues. Most importantly I was able to slow down enough to have a glorious summer with my ultimate love(s) my 4 wonderful children. Oh and the holidays were especially special;)

Not being constantly connected to my phone (like it was an appendage!) was so liberating! Not to worry though, I have documented all of my “time away” and will pepper it  along throughout the next several posts! Until then, here’s a quick run through of my summer rotations.

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