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  • Meet The Models

  • I realized that after all this time I have never formally introduced any of my models! As I have mentioned in a previous post, I don't feel that I am the subject of this blog. The focus is my free expression of art represented in my core style. So I selected a few to help me... ~Taylor~ This young lady is one of t[...]
  • Outfit No. 18

  • Replay Queen!  Here is a little tid bit about me that some of you may or may not know, but my husband calls me the "Replay Queen". The reason behind this name is because when I find something I like, I LIKE IT A LOT  and want as much of it as possible, over and over and over...  A special dessert or food/meal, a favo[...]
  • Outfit No. 12

  • OK So..I am OBSESSED with this Australian company! So affordable, trendy and one of a kind! It's right up my ally:) This was actually a purchase that I made in NYC while shopping in SoHo. So excited to be adding to my small (but steadily growing) collection of Bless'ed Are The Meek. Bless'ed Are The Meek Alfresco Knit[...]
  • Outfit No. 6

  •  Outfit No. 6 I somehow managed to get my hands on this amazing shirtdress! These Australian designers have made it perfect, complete with mesh detailing. I chose to have Emma pair this dress with the cutest little bag and a minimal sandal. Blessed Are The Meek Fossilise Shirtdress  Proenza's PS 11 Tiny bag, Ray Ba[...]