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  • Missing In Action While Summer Days Drifted Away..

  • So admittedly, I have been lacking with the blog posts and Instagram updates. In my defense, I've had some pretty consuming projects occupying my time. However, during this time away and so called "hiatus", I've had much time to think. Gain some new perspective so to speak. Now, I'm not trying to get philosophical and [...]
  • Outfit No. 28

  • I have to say, this year unlike any other year, I feel the transition into spring so vibrantly, it's almost electrifying! I don't know what it is, but it sure was a long winter and I am SO GLAD that warmer weather is nearly here! I can already tell this outfit is going to be my uniform this season. So comfy, casual ye[...]
  • Outfit No. 27

  • Even though it's "spring time" everywhere else...up here it's still too cold to bring out the whites and brights and all the light weight layers. Here's my take on somewhat warmer weather suiting.. Also it's not often that I deviate from my usual black, white, gray repeat cycle. However when I do.. I tend to gravitate [...]
  • Green Apple Jewelry Collab

  • I am so thrilled to announce my collaboration with LITTLE GREEN APPLE JEWELRY! I had the pleasure of meeting the talent and charm behind this local designer, Mary Ann and her daughter Courtney. These two ladies are the perfect yin and yang team! Jam packed with raw talent that is clean and simple, I was instantly capti[...]